Our History

America was torn. The Vietnam War, assassinations of a president, a senator, and civil rights leaders; racial injustice, an exploding drug culture, rhythm, riots and revolution—all played their parts. Early that decade, Bible and prayer were forbidden in public schools. Academic and moral freefall followed. It was the 1960s.  Founders of Harford Christian School, alarmed by this godless philosophy overtaking the nation, did what they could to preserve a remnant. Harford Christian was their valiant effort.

Armed with conviction, the fear of God and determination, and fortified by the promises of Scripture, they established a school where prayer, God’s Word and godliness were valued. More than a half-century later, Harford Christian School treasures this godly heritage that has brought it into the 21st century.

America is still torn, but God’s Word remains forever the same and will endure the test of time. Education can equip a person for a crime or for charity, for Christ or for self and Satan. Harford Christian seeks to cultivate the individual to fulfil Christ’s purpose, knowing that “all things were created by him, and for him” (Col. 1:16b).

Much has changed since its first day in 1966, but this purpose must never change. God helping, this will be our cause at Harford Christian School until Christ returns.