Stewardship of Investments

Every gift is from above and the earth is the Lord’s.  God owns everything. We are only stewards acting on His behalf and for His glory.  The Board of Directors strives to manage all entrusted to us according to His desires and purposes.   Importantly, the Board seeks to be faithful over a few things so that the Lord will put us in charge of many things.

Unless otherwise provided by the donor, all donations shall be held in perpetuity as capital constituting a permanent investment asset.  As directed and authorized, the Board of Directors may distribute the income earned on permanent investment assets to the beneficiaries for one or more of the following:  (a) the general operations of the beneficiary, (b) new building construction, (c) building and property maintenance, or (d) land or equipment acquisition.

The investment objectives employed by the Board of Directors is growth in value and high income return while preserving the corpus of the permanent investment asset over the long term.