Vision21—“A new campus for a new century”

Vision21 is the most ambitious undertaking in the history of Harford Christian School.

  • A completely renovated campus
  • Environmentally-friendly designs
  • Safety-conscious traffic patterns and ample parking
  • Upgraded Primary Center, grades 1-4
  • A new 5th through 12th grade building including:
    • 14 state-of-the-art classrooms
    • Computer, biology, physics/chemistry labs
    • Special education classrooms
    • Musical instruction studios
    • Rehearsal rooms
    • Performing arts auditorium
    • Cafeteria and food preparation facilities
    • Gymnasium
    • Storage space for sports equipment, performing arts equipment and other educational needs

Project Phases

  • Phase 1 Preliminary  (complete) was an 18 month study which answered vital questions concerning actual needs and overall scope.  The study resulted in the selection of engineering, architectural and construction firms.
  • Phase 2 Site Preparation (complete) prepared the site for building.  Excavation, underground utilities, storm water management, traffic routing, parking easement, lighting, landscaping and environmental issues enabled the following phases to be initiated.
  • Phase 3 Construction is where Vision21 takes shape and consists of five parts.
    1. Phase 3A will include the shell of the new facility.  The shell includes the building foundation, roof, finished exterior with protection against the elements and an interior floor plan for the educational, administrative and fine arts areas.  Heating/cooling equipment will be installed to protect the new facility during the winter and summer.
    2. Phase 3B will include the completion of the classrooms and offices of the new facility.  In addition, equipment, technology and other furnishings will be acquired to ready the rooms for use by our faculty, students and other staff.
    3. Phase 3C will include alterations to Whiteford Road (Route 136) in front of the HCS campus.
    4. Phase 3D will include the completion of the performing arts center.
    5. Phase 3E will include the completion of the new gymnasium.Project Phases
  • Phase 4 Wrap-Up will be our wrap-up and this phase will run concurrently throughout Phase 3.  This Phase will put one-tenth of each dollar contributed into an endowment to fund ongoing maintenance of all the facilities once Vision21 is complete.

Strategic Plan

Funding for Vision21 will be addressed in several ways.  First and foremost, we are asking other Christians who value solid Christian education to stand with us and donate using a variety of charitable gifting techniques.  Additionally, we will be contacting local businesses to build partnerships and gain their support to continue the positive impact Harford Christian School students, families and staff members have on the community.  A grant writing task force will be contacting various foundations asking for monies to support specific areas.  During the building process, we will seek Gift-in-Kind donations from contractors working on the new facility.

Your support of HCEF helps make visions like this a reality.